Monday – Friday 9am-3pm
Saturday 9am to 2.30pm
Sunday – 9am to 11am.
During these hours your pet can be delivered or collected. For outside hours a special request can be made and either collection or delivery will incur an extra fee of £10.00per pet. For delivery and collection charges by Tudor Lodge please see our website or enquire in our office.


All owners must provide EMERGENCY contact details, other than their own, including telephone number, at the time of booking. Tudor Lodge reserves the right to contact the appointed person(s) at any stage during the period of boarding. I understand that animals are boarded entirely at my own risk.


All pets boarded must be fully vaccinated, to include Kennel Cough, and a current certificate of vaccination must accompany each pet. This certificate must remain at Tudor Lodge throughout the period of boarding. Failure to provide a full valid vaccination card or vaccinations which are out of datethat will prevent them from boarding. In this instance your booking may be cancelled but you will remain liable for the boarding fees in full.


Please refer to our current boarding fees on our website or enquire in our office. Boarding fees are charged for each day and are inclusive of VAT at the rate of 20%. All fees must be paid in full on the date of collection before the pet is released back into the owner’s care. In the case where we deliver your pet/pets, all outstanding fees must be paid upon delivery before the pet is released back into the owner’s care.


Tudor Lodge reserves the right to charge the dates and times originally booked when cancelled or adjusted within 5 days of the boarding date. Deposit of 20% will be non-returnable if booking in cancelled within 5 days of boarding.


Tudor Lodge provides all bedding and food for your pet including baskets and blankets. If you wish to bring you’re own bedding we accept machine washable bedding only. Tudor Lodge is not responsible for any damages/wear during the boarding period. If you wish to provide food for your own pet please advise Tudor Lodge on all dietary requirements. It is the owner’s responsibility to make sure they have all their belongings upon departure.
Toys may be supplied by the owners of the animal or by Tudor Lodge upon request and at the owners own risk.


I understand that TudorLodge reserve the right to dispose of any animal/s not collected within 15 days of the stated collection date, if no communication from the owner is received.


I agree for Tudor Lodge to retain my contact information for use of future contact and possible marketing from Tudor Lodge. I understand my details will not be shared with outside orgnisations


Tudor Lodge accepts Cash and Credit/Debit Card payments.


Tudor Lodge reserve the right to refuse admission to any pets showing signs of ill health. We ask that the owner inform us of any illnesses or medical conditions at the time of booking and a further update of the illness/condition at the time of delivery for the pets stay. Tudor Lodge reserves the right to cancel any booking if they believe that the pet may be carrying a contagious illness.
Tudor Lodge is strict in this policy because we care about every visiting pet in our care. If Tudor Lodge were to knowingly accept a pet into our care we may be putting all other pets at risk.

Tudor Lodge is happy to administer any medication your pet requires. Please let the care assistant know the dosage and directions. There will be a charge for time critcal medication, see website for details.


Should your pet become ill during its boarding stay in Tudor Lodge, we will firstly endeavour to contact the emergency person you have appointed. In the case of not getting a response from the emergency contact provided Tudor Lodge reserve the right to admit your pet into veterinary care. I authorise Tudor lodge to arrange Veterinary attention should it be necessary. In the unlikely event of your pet dying whilst in the care of Tudor Lodge it is our policy to store your pets remains in cold storage at a local veterinary centre until your return. The owner will incur all veterinary costs.


I agree to any photographs of my pet being used for marketing material on behalf of Tudor Lodge kennels. Any images will be shared with the owner prior to use.
I hereby accept and agree to these Terms and Conditions outlined by Tudor Lodge Boarding Kennels and Cattery.

Special Needs

We aim to accommodate your dog whatever his or her needs, however, to ensure your dogs stay is as enjoyable, and relaxing, as possible, we need to be aware of any pre-existing medical needs or behavioural problems before the dog arrives on site. This insight into your dog enables us to plan for your arrival and have everything in place ready for when you arrive.
In addition, and particularly in the case of behaviour problems, having an early awareness of the situation gives us a chance to brief everyone who may come into contact with your dog during their stay.

I understand that TudorLodge reserve the right to dispose of any animal/s not collected within 15 days of the stated collection date, if no communication from the owner is received.

Medical Problems

Detailed written instructions are invaluable when we are asked to administer medication during a dogs stay, typical information we like to be made aware of includes:
• Dose of medications
• Time usually given
• Whether tablets are normally put in treats / dinner or straight into the dogs mouth
Please try to bring medication labelled and in the original bottles where possible and ensure you provide enough medication to last your dogs stay.
If there is anything we need to look out for, or may just be peculiar to your dog (such as a limp) we need to know.
If your dog is on prescription diet, again, please bring enough to last his or her stay.

Behaviour Problems

Detailed written instructions or descriptions are invaluable, such as if your dog needs to be muzzled to be given ear drops or when taken to the vets.
If your dog is particularly nervous or shy please feel free to bring him or her up to meet us before they stay so they know us before being left (please ring to arrange this so we have time to spend with you and your dog). Also, and where possible try to bring your dog in for the day or a weekend before leaving him or her for a longer holiday.
Any dogs are welcome to bring things from home with them, but if your dog is nervous please try to bring some bedding from home.
Before coming to the kennels your dog will need to be vaccinated
Before your dog can be accepted into the kennels we will need to see proof of the following:
• Vaccination certificate
• Annual booster
• Annual ‘Kennel Cough’ vaccination
• Flea / Worming treatment